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Drive Positive Reviews that Increase Traffic, Leads & Sales for Your Local Business in Just a Few Clicks!

Consumer Reviews and Ratings are CRITICAL to Your Success both Online AND Offline.

Are you not getting desired response to your online marketing efforts? Does your website rank low in the search engines compared to your competition? If you answered yes, then you need online Reputation Management and Review services.

Our integrated review system can actually observe what's keeping your site rankings down. Any obscene, negative and low standard content attached to your website can ruin brand value, online sales, website views, and visibility. In fact, your website can even be penalized by the major search engines if you have negative content anywhere on the web. Through our online reputation management program, we optimize your website and online reputation by reducing negative the impact of negative posts, produce and post genuine positive content, determine customer's feedback and constantly improve your site’s performance level.

Just check out some of these stats from a recent Local Consumer Review Survey...

As you can see the vast majority of consumers are more likely to visit a local business that has positive reviews and plenty of them while 40% will avoid a business entirely if it has bad reviews.

This is a HUGE Problem for local businesses that lack positive reviews or having tons of negative ones...they are losing out on thousands of dollars of potential business every year!

And as you can see here it's not just about positive or negative reviews. Consumers also make decisions based on the business’ star ratings, number of reviews, recency and whether or not the business responds.

The bottom line is if you don’t have as many positive reviews and high of star rating as possible then you are simply losing traffic, leads and sales that you could be getting.

Just check out the massive difference in click through rate based on ratings...

As you can see the click-through rate for a business with a five-star rating is almost double that of a business with a 1-2 star rating! Even a Zero Star rating gets more clicks then the ones with bad reviews/ratings!

This is a HUGE Problem when trying to drive more leads and new customers to your business and website. It really just comes down to the basic math behind any online conversions...

More clicks = More leads = More Customers= Better ROI

Less Clicks = Less Leads= Less Customers= Worse ROI

The Solution

Our do-it-for-you system drives positive reviews for your business to Facebook, Google, Yelp or any review site you choose! It also negates bad reviews while improving local search rankings in the process. Not only that but it's super simple to use so your customers will have an easy say to give you the positive reviews you need.

Call us today for more details on how to make your business stand out online with high ratings and a steady stream of positive reviews.

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